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The Original Cajun Injector Marinade-Creole Butter
The Original Cajun Injector Marinade-Creole Butter

The name says it all. For chicken, pork, turkey, & lamb. A buttery concoction with just the right amount of spice. Comes with our Original Injector for our unique delivery system of deep injecting meats.



Price: $6.75
The Original Cajun Injector
The Original Cajun Injector

This is the one that started it all. Our Original Cajun Marinade Injector comes with a specially patented needle with holes to deliver marinade evenly throughout the meat. Injects 1oz of marinade.

Price: $2.88
Shrimp and Grits

Our Shrimp & Grits has been featured on the Food Network's Food Finds show and Paula Deen's sons' show, Road Tasted.

Price: $9.95


Just add water!

Price: $9.50
Hush Dem Puppies
Tasty hush puppy mix. 8 oz.
Price: $7.95
She Crab Soup

8 ounces
Don't miss this one! It has won the Best of Atlanta Award at the Americas Mart multiple times!! Just add water and our Caught In Da Crick Lump Crab Meat for a quick, easy and delicious meal for four. We've been told that it is better than any local restaurant's... and that's quite a compliment in Charleston, SC where we're known for our great food!

Price: $13.95

Geechie Peachie Cobbla
Geechie Peachie Cobbla

Our cobbler mix makes its own crust. Pour a can of peaches (fresh or frozen) into an 8x8 pan, place the cobbla mix on top, add a little milk and bake for thirty minutes. That's right, no mixing!! Serves six. Peach Cobbla is our top selling dessert!

Price: $9.50
Just add water and shrimp for a very flavorful meal!
Price: $9.50